Ans. DAANI IT SOLUTION is a leading provider of ERP, Hosting, Server, Web based, Customized Software, Readymade Software solutions based at Allahabad in India from 2002 .We develop appropriate Software and an integrated platform for companies that enable them to address critical professional needs, such as business management, information management, profession continuity, compliance and risk mitigation.

Q.  What are the plans supported by DAANI MLM software?

Ans.  DAANI MLM software supports all Kind of MLM plan calculations. We are expert in customization so we can customize software for any type of plan as you required.

Q.  Do you help us in preparing the MLM plan design?

Ans.  Yes, we always feel our pleasure to help you. We can help you designing the business plan .After understanding the products / service that you are offering, their price & margins availability, prevailing competition & trends in the marketing. However the decision of finalization on the business plan is at your liberty.

Q.  Do you provide us complete consultancy?

Ans.  We always ready to guide you with any of the available good consultants as per the requirement but sorry! we are not able to provide you the required complete consultancy .We don’t mind sharing the information knowledge at free of cost.

Q.  What are the distinct MLM software packages provided DAANI MLM software?

Ans.  There are five distinct MLM software packages. These packages are Local, National, International, Universal and Ultimate package. You can check features of each package from our website Detail...

Q.  What is the MLM Software price range?

Ans.  Our Software & services price range starts from USD 100 per month, depending upon the type of package, payment slab that needs by the company.

Q.  What is the Minimum delivery period of your Software?

Ans.  Minimum 2 and Maximum 10 working day for delivering the Software to start your business process. (We are expecting here that there is no delay from client side during analysis, content, answering our query, etc.)

Q.  Is there Annually Maintenance Charge (AMC)?

Ans.  Yes it is with One Time Payment and there is no AMC in case of Full Payment and SAAS.

Q.  Do you provide training to the MLM company staff for Software ?

Ans.  We will be provided online training to the authorized staff of the company as per the requirement and any time during the service contract period at free of cost.

Q.  Do you support for day to day updates required?

Ans.  We have a team of experienced , hardworking , helpful and dedicated IT professionals . They are capable to doing updates on time at any working day between working hours. Beyond working hours you can mail on mail id or call us on the phone no (office hours) showing on home page for updates .We will try to do our level best.

Q.  Is there any free service warranty?

Ans.  Yes. We provides a warranty at free of cost on the delivered website & software for attending all the minor updates / modifications / alterations/ corrections / additions that are required time to time intimated by the client.

Q.  Is Email integration available?

Ans.  Yes, we provide complete free email sending facilities in the software as per the specified occasions in our selected packages.

Q.  How Much down payment is Required?

Ans.  There is no down payment required if it is SAAS.

Q.  Can I change my package?

Ans. Yes you can upgrade your package.

Q.  Can I change my payment slab?

Ans. Yes , you can change your payment slab at the time of payment due in SAAS.

Q.  What is the difference between Local, National, International, Universal and Ultimate package?

Ans.  The main difference between Local, National, International, Universal and Ultimate package are Details...

Q.  What if I don’t want some feature of a package?

Ans.  If you do not want some feature of a package, you will not get any discount from company.

Q.  What if I want extra feature in any package?

Ans.  If you want a feature which is not available in any of our package, we can develop that for you if required, or you can take it as Add-ons.

Q.  Can I review your demo version before ordering software?

Ans. Yes, of course! You just confirm your feasible schedule, our team will present software through online mediums like Skype, G talk, Yahoo Messengers, Team Viewer etc.

Q.  What I do? When I need more information/clarification regarding DAANI MLM software?

Ans. If you need more information about our software and services please feel free to call at +1855-3430-580 or email us at daanisoft@gmail.com or Contact us at Skype “daaniitsolution”. We will be glad to assist you in all possible ways.

Q.  Is DAANI MLM software secured software?

Ans. Yes we have our own secured server and we have secured software as well.

Q.  How many type of payment system do you have?

Ans. We have 3 type of payment system 1) SAAS, 2) One Time Payment and 3) Full Payment



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