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  1. Real-time Reporting:
    MLM software provides real-time insights into sales metrics, team performance, and compensation calculations. This enables distributors and administrators to make informed decisions promptly.
  2. Compensation Plan Management:
    The heart of any MLM operation lies in its compensation plan. MLM software automates the calculation of commissions, bonuses, and incentives, ensuring accuracy and transparency in payouts.
  3. Genealogy Tree Visualization:
    A visual representation of the network hierarchy through a genealogy tree allows distributors to understand their downline structure easily. This feature aids in strategizing and optimizing recruitment efforts.
  4. E-Wallet Integration:
    MLM software often includes e-wallet functionality, streamlining financial transactions within the network. Distributors can receive commissions, make purchases, and manage their earnings seamlessly.
  5. Mobile App Compatibility:
    With the increasing reliance on mobile devices, MLM software often comes with mobile app compatibility. Distributors can manage their business on the go, ensuring flexibility and accessibility.
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